Most popular questions asked in MBA PI


The Personal interview is the last step to unlock the door of the Business School of your choice. It checks your inter-personal & communicative skills and to know your vision as an MBA aspirant. Always be honest with your answers and never try to show that you know everything. The interview panel knows that you are a student and are not expected to know each and every thing.

No one can predict what questions will be there in the PI round, here we will tell you the most common asked questions in MBA PI.

Do you know yourself?

This is the first and foremost question and perhaps the most common one for every interview. A candidate should always be prepared to answer this question in a crystal clear way. Always try to cover the following three points:

  • Family background
  • Educational and professional background
  • Interests & hobbies

Give brief about each point but make sure that you are not repeating a particular thing again and again. This question is to check your communication skills, your body language, your confidence etc. Try to answer it in the best possible way as it is possibly the very first question of the interview round.

Why MBA?

If you are a fresher who has just completed undergraduate programme, you can say that a MBA would be an ideal launch-pad into the corporate world, as it would train and equip with the soft skills as well as the technical knowledge.

If you are not a fresher and have some prior work experience, you can talk about your career objectives, future plans, etc. and the value-addition that a MBA would provide you with. Always be prepared with valid reasons for this kind of questions.

Where do you see yourself after 5 or 10 years from now?

One of the favorite question that keeps recurring in the MBA personal interviews. Think before you answer this question and be honest with it, don’t try to show off by giving “at your position” type answers. This question is to check the long term goals of the candidates. Always try to explain your future plans but never go in depth while answering such kinds of questions.

What are your strengths & weaknesses?

This is also a very common question and tricky too. Be honest with your weakness area. Don’t try to complicate your strengths and weakness. Make sure your answer should not be contradictory. Avoid the clichéd method of presenting strength as your weakness. When you talk about your strengths, always try to give a brief and just be honest with while telling about your weakness and make sure to tell the tricks of tackling it.

What are your hobbies?

If you have mentioned a hobby and incase you don’t know in and out about that, there are chances that the interview panel will grilled you out. Only mention hobbies about which you have in-depth knowledge, instead of trying to impress the interview panel. Mention only those hobbies which are genuine and seeks your interest.

Why do you want to join this B-school?

The interview panel might ask you this question, this question is to check your level of interest and awareness about the B-school’s MBA program. You should know the important information about the institute like its history, its flagship programmes, ranking, placement records, famous alumni, faculty members etc. Give an impressive answer that shows you’re keen to pursue your management degree from that particular B School. This question has a very good chance to impress the interview panel.

These are the most popular questions that are asked in MBA Personal Interview. However, always note that every personal interview differs and unique in its nature. Be honest and answer each and every question confidently.

Best of Luck…!!