Tips and Tricks for MAT 2017


Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is a standardized test being administered since 1988 to facilitate Business Schools (B-Schools) to screen candidates for admission to MBA and allied programmes. Every year large number of students comes forward to take this test. MAT 2017 will be conducted in both offline and online mode. The students can choose the test mode as per their choice.

The magic of Self-Study

Self-Study helps to broaden your thinking level. It’s an important aspect of effective learning. Try to reserve most of your precious time for self-study. It helps you to score good marks. Nowadays, students are so engaged in tuition and coaching due to which they don’t get the enough time for self-preparation. Even studying with traditional teaching method, it is very important for students to have clear vision and understanding. You might not learn and understand everything in a classroom; after attending lectures, you need to revise the topics for a clear understanding.

Time is a major source

Time management is very essential, helps you do your task in time and utilize your time more productively. Schedule your preparation time in such a way that every topic will get covered before the examination and make sure you will be getting enough time to revise the entire portion also. Make a time table as per your daily routine and follow it strictly in order to score well in exams.

Maintain your speed with accuracy

We often get to hear that many students have complaints that they don’t get enough time to solve the problems due to which their exam left incomplete. Competitive exam deals with a major concept of speed with accuracy. Candidates are required to practice mock papers or solve previous exam papers as many as possible in a short duration of time. This will increase speed as well as improve your skills.


Hard work without revision is a waste. Give good importance on revision part. These days, before exam, you have to revise well, focus about previous year questions, scanners and suggested answers. Due to lengthy syllabus, students will not get the time for revision resulting in forgetting and omitting of important topics. You have to revise effectively so that you can write well in the exam.

Believe in yourself

The foundation of all great success and achievement is self- confidence. As the examination dates come closer, the students get nervous. Due to nervousness, they start forgetting things. So be confident while preparing for the exam. Also, take care of your heath with intake of sufficient food and drink enough glasses of water. Avoid pressure as it will affect your learning and memorizing skills. Self-confidence gives you freedom from self-doubt, fear, and anxiety naturally translates into greater peace of mind and a more stress-free life. So, relax yourself and go ahead to nail the exams.